Politician commentators

It is often mockingly said that the people who know how to run the country are driving cabs and cutting hair.

I have identified a new problem...the people who are running the country are pontificating like they are cab drivers and barbers.

WTOP Radio hosts "Ask the Governor" every Tuesday. This past Tuesday, Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine was philosophizing about Michael Vick, the former NFL player now in the slamma for killing dogs.

Kaine: "I don't think somebody convicted of charges like this should be back in the NFL."

What, Vick should be driving a cab or cutting hair?

* * *

Perhaps Gov. Kaine would like to assign Michael Vick to a job. After all, if Vick should be barred from playing in the NFL, then would what Kaine have him do?

Let's fill-in Kaine's statement with some other occupations: "I don't think somebody convicted of charges like this should...

"work as a waiter."
"be a construction worker."
"work as a tax accountant."
"be a Chippendale's dancer."
"work at a job unless approved by the busybody governor of Virginia."

If Kaine doesn't want Vick as part of his inner circle, that is fine. But do we really need to hear what the busybody governor of Virginia has to say about Michael Vick? What the president-elect has to say about the college playoff system?

* * *

Note to myself: Actively campaign against Gov. Kaine next time around. Donate money to Kaine's opponent--as long he isn't a cab driver or barber talking about Michael Vick.

* * *

As I recently noted, president-elect Barack Obama has been quoted on a number of sports topics. Has he spoken out about Michael Vick yet? Will barackobamba.com become a blog?

* * *

A few days ago Obama was pontificating about the pay of CEOs and about whether or not CEOs should be flying around in corporate jets.

I will refrain from cursing about Obama because of this, I'll just point out that it isn't really his damned business how much CEOs are paid, what type of transportation they use, and whether or not they have "enough" money.

* * *

To be clear, I agree with Barack Obama about the college playoff system.

Allegedly the powers that be enjoy it when fans bicker about who is number one. I am not a part of those conversations. I'm a college football fanatic who has no interest in which team finishes number one under the current system.

Based on polls, records, and strength of schedule, the New England Patriots would have been selected as the number one pro football team last year. The New York Giants proved otherwise on the field.

* * *

I disagree with Kaine about Michael Vick. My regret is that Vick wasn't allowed out on weekend furlough to play football.

* * *

I am somewhat torn when it comes to politician bloggers. Being commentators may somewhat distract them from screwing around with the economy and being a busybody about my life. On the other hand, after philosophizing about the issues of the day, they may feel the need to "do something" instead of just talking.

I don't care what politicians think. They have power. They should just say what they plan on doing, without dressing it up in pretty talk.

Whenever I'm watching TV or listening to the radio and I hear a politician start a sentence with, "I think," then I shout, "STOP! Just tell me what you are going to do, smart ass."

And when they start a sentence with, "I don't think...," my response is usually, "Good."