False charges and real criminals

Avery Tooley and Booker Rising both take issue with the white chick who said she was abducted by two black men.

I don't take issue with their comments, not even with Shay's provocative headline ("White Girl, Please: Don't Blame It On The Sunshine..."). But then, I probably wouldn't take issue with someone white writing, "Black Girl, Please: Don't Blame It On The Moon."

I do wonder: Why in the world would such a story about black men seem believable to anyone? After all, she mentioned black men--why didn't she pin the blame on Native American Indians or Sihks?

This seems to be a good time for a Bill Cosby-esque Pound Cake speech...if black hoodlums would stop committing so many damn crimes then people wouldn't be so quick to believe stories about black men...

I understand the concern about the occasional white lunatic or opportunist trying to blame blacks for problems, and the need to publicly flog and criminally punish such people. I've come across a number of black people who want more attention focused on white criminals--I guess the next step in their logic would be more attention on fake white criminals, too. And, of course, there are some who will always believe blacks are criminals, no matter what. But if it is a typical day, then a number of black men today will kill a number of people.

I did notice that American Renaissance, which is good at tracking crimes committed by blacks against whites, hasn't mentioned this case.