Another war we've lost

First, we lost (or tied) Vietnam.

NYT op-ed now declares: "Drugs won the war." I wonder how many people who predicted the war on drugs would be a disaster were dismissed as crackpots who just wanted to get high?

Has anyone with the NYT admitted yet that we've also lost the War on Poverty?

And will it take 40 years to admit most of Obama's plans have failed?

* * *

An Obama plan to be derided in 40 years or less
About Obama's health plan: "The government competes in the private sector the way an alligator competes with a duck."
--Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.)

High-Stakes Tests, for real

NYT has the latest "those Asian kids study real hard" story. I taught English in Asia for six years, I learned that those stories are true! When I came back to America, I had a tough time taking Americans seriously when they complained about "high-stakes tests." Studying for 15 hours a day, sleeping just four or five hours, and then just having one shot once a year to take a test that will determine based on numbers where you will go to college?

The Middle East--please, go away...
I was listening to the radio when the announcer man said they were going to play a speech by someone talking about the Middle East.

Several years ago I decided that I wouldn't focus on the Middle East until the year 2018. I figured that nothing would be resolved by then anyway...

At some point Israel will take my advice...just keep trading promises of peace with promises of land...

* * *

National Man Day
No kidding.

And what do they do the other 364 days of a typical year?