French tourists are the worst--Koreans surprised?

"French tourists are the worst in the world, coming across as bad at foreign languages, tight-fisted and arrogant, according to a survey of 4,500 hotel owners across the world."

According to the same survey:
"The Japanese ranked top of the Best Tourist survey, with the British and the Germans judged the best of the Europeans."

CJL comments:

The Korean government periodically cracks down on Korean tourists for being unruly. During the 1990s when I was last here, the Korean government launched an anti-overconsumption campaign. As I wrote in the Korea Times at that time:

"At least citizens receive something they want for the six trillion won they are projected to voluntarily spend overseas this year. The same can't be said for government services, complete with faulty air-raid alarms and crumbling infrastructure at the non-negotiable price of only 56 trillion won in taxes. It is suspicious that politicians focus on the voluntary spending habits of Korean travelers although the government wastes in a day more than planeloads of crazed Korean tourists ever could. According to a Times staff editorial earlier this year, the introduction of numerous government programs has resulted in the size of Kim Young-sam's government increasing faster than the growth of the general population.

"Some might even label the greedy, reckless spending of public officials as wasteful, stupid, of, shall we say, overconsumption. My, my, I guess there is something to this overconsumption theory after all. The addiction might be even worse than claimed by busybody overconsumption theorists. "