The good old days that weren't so good

"A system where you can't live but you can't leave is the definition of hell."
--Christopher Hitchens, on North Korea

World disregards N.K. labor camps

That's what Blaine Harden of the Washington Post is saying. It seems that the real point is that the world doesn't know what to do about the N.K. labor camps. Lunactics with weapons are keeping their own folks hostage and they've got a huge army ready to attack a civilized country south of it.

A few days ago there was a different story...about N.K. refugees who had escaped to South Korea talking about missing North Korea. Of course, not enough to return...

This reminds me of the point I've heard from blacks about the good old days of Jim Crow. Again, of course, I haven't heard blacks talking about wanting to return to those days...