I officially love my boss

I've had some great bosses and supervisors over the years.

As much as I have liked some of them, none can compare to the people I'm working with now..

So here I am, at the office on a Saturday using an office computer because of an unfortunate incident with my laptop computer the other day...

First, the president, CEO and a major investor in the company insisted that I join them for lunch. It is Saturday, I'm wearing a t-shirt I bought in Guam, shorts, and sandals. Then, after lunch, the president bought me some strawberry candy (화과방--딸기영양갱 (Strawberry Thick Jelly) and 커피맛영양갱 (Coffee Thick Jelly). This was after some other snacks and sandwiches during the week.

David Boaz of the Cato Institute was my direct supervisor for four years. The most he ever gave me was a book about William Lloyd Garrison...

DB is a really smart guy, but does he even know what Strawberry Thick Jelly is or where to buy it? And would he share it with me?

I had bought the newspaper with the goal of reading it during lunch while my bosses talked in Korean. They made every effort to engage me in the conversation. The kids at the table next to us were very curious about me, but did their best to pretend they didn't notice me whenever I looked at them.