Show Your Smile

Wonkwang University to Open Smile Clinic

So reports today's Korea Times.

Wonkwang University will open up a Smile Clinic in August. The facility will develop a program that will help find the best-fitting smile for individuals, said Dong Jin-keun, a professor in the dentistry school of the southwestern Iksan-based university.

``In ancient times, a good smile gave off an image of self-confidence and made others feel comfortable, securing a high social status for the family,'' Dong said. ``It is an expression of a person's confidence and consideration, so don't use it sparingly,'' the professor said.

Practicing smiling can lead to visible improvements, with as little as three minutes in front of a mirror every morning being effective. Practicing both small and big smiles are recommended, Dong said.

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Show Your Smile by Kim Gun Mo (김건모), 1994.