Koreans are dominating the black beauty industry

Years ago I heard a black commentator say: White people have been stealing our dreams. Now Asians are stealing our hair. Jane Han of the Korea Times says Michelle Obama's new hairstyle is helping Korean wig makers in the U.S. Black activists & wig makers can't be happy about that! What's the solution? Korean politicians might suggest: Korean wig-makers in America should have their businesses shut down twice a month.

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Madame Noire asks: Why Do Koreans Own The Black Beauty Supply Business?

Casey's answer: Korean business owners are doing a better job of satisfying consumers.

Korean merchant, hard at work, stealing black hair
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I know that answer is too simplistic for people. There must be something sinister afoot. A government conspiracy. Korean collusion. Black self-hate. Whatever. After the analysis, what should be done?
A documentary producer has a dream: "Well, right away, it’s a 100 black-owned stores opening up right next to Korean stores – a boycott until the Korean stores accept at least 20% black-owned manufactured products. Then we are talking about money in the community.”
Ah! That sounds like something the Korean government could accept, considering its push to force "profit-sharing" schemes on businesses in Korea.

That's why I would suggest that blacks concerned about Koreans dominating the beauty industry should look to Korea. That's where the Korean government shuts down large grocery stores at least twice a month. Has stupid restrictions such as large businesses can't open within 500 feet of mom-and-pop stores. Keeps trying to force some businesses from entering "protected industries."

If I worked on the city council in Oakland or another largely black area where Koreans are dominating the local business communities, I would introduce the "Korean government reciprocity duplication business anti-dog-eat-dog bill." I would impose the restrictions on Korean businesses in the city that are used in South Korea. Ah, "what's done in Rome shall be done here" bill is another possible name.

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They are coming for our hair? Well, that's too late in my case, I already surrendered...