Yeonmi Park Fall 2014 tour (Europe and USA) media roundup

BBC World Service--"21-year-old Yeonmi Park and her epic escape from North Korea"
BBC Radio--"Lies cannot last forever"--North Korea defector on her home country
Independent (UK)--"When Silence is not an option" Yeonmi Park profiled by the Independent (UK)
Yahoo News--"Escaping North Korea: one refugee's story"
Al Jazeera--"A Life in Exile, escaping North Korea" http://m.aljazeera.com/story/20141015154253291240
Al Jazeera Facebook page--https://www.facebook.com/aljazeera/posts/10152867626258690
Radio Free Asia--"탈북자 박연미 씨, 유럽서 북 인권 고발"
Lollipop--"Pretty law student becomes international celebrity after daring escape from North Korea"
Huffington Post--"One Young World Conference That Established The First Rape Clinic In Somalia, Kicks Off In Dublin"
One Young World--"Dublin welcomes young leaders from 194 countries to One Young World"
Giirl Meets World--"What is it really like in North Korea?"
Public Radio International--"She risked her life to defect from North Korea — now she wants the world to hear her story"
Yeonmi Park
Yeonmi Park