2015-01-03 TNKR speech contest planning meeting

I met with several enthusiastic volunteers helping us with the planning of the TNKR speech contest planned for February 28.

I often say that I can't do this without volunteers, and I sincerely mean it. By myself, I couldn't sell candy in an elementary school without going bankrupt. So I need smart folks willing to help out to make things happen.

Special thanks to my TNKR co-director Lee Eunkoo for coming out (again) on a Saturday afternoon. Our TNKR-FAN coaches Fiona Fong and Fatima Nicholson and TNKR tutor Gabrielle Wray for joining. The meeting was inspired by Gabrielle asking how she could help with the speech contest. So I confirmed she could make it, then held a meeting!

Thank you also to Michael Buckalew, Stephen Choi, Jessiica Steffl, Hyewon Hwang, and Charles Costello for showing up and for signing up to take on various tasks.

Not even Eunkoo and I agreed on everything. It was good brainstorming, but with practical action items attached, so people weren't talking pie-in-the-sky (at least, not for long!) as is often done in staff meetings.